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We are building a collection of early instruments in China for our own use as well as ensembles traveling to China. Contact us for rentals- as an effort to help anyone wishing to bring early music to Shanghai, we offer very reasonable rental rates. 

Italian single manual harpsichord made by Klopin 1995. G-G, 415/440 
18 course Theorbo in A, after Sellas, string lengths 88/170cm, made by Ivo Magherini.
Theorbo in G after Buechenberg 1614, string lengths 95.5/170cm. Very loud and robust continuo instrument.  Made by Lauri Niskanen in 2016. 
Seven-string bass viol by Charlie Ogle from 2016. This instrument is on loan from Mr. Ogle, therefore free of charge from us but will need his approval. 
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